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5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Generating Leads

Whether you’re targeting investment leads or financial services leads, it can be an ordeal to generate leads and conversions. Your website is the main marketing tool for lead generation and it should be the centre from which you organise your lead generation strategy.

From ensuring you have a social media presence to investing in content marketing and having the right target audience, here are a few reasons why your marketing strategy isn’t generating leads.


Reason #1: Your Target Audience is Wrong

You need to completely understand your target audience and what their needs are to have successful marketing campaigns that generate leads. If there’s a disparity between who you’re aiming at and who is an ideal fit for your services and products, you won’t see any ROI.

Buyer personas become vital for these assessments of target audiences, which help you to continuously ensure that you have the right audience in mind at all times. In addition, don’t forget to keep them up-to-date with as much detailed as possible.


Reason #2: You’re Not Present on Social Media

A presence on social media and investing in social advertising are vital in today’s world for lead generation. People engage with brands through social media platforms and they expect this interaction, as they ask about product details and form a personal relationship with businesses.

Social media is important to give you some of the strongest leads you’ll find. On social media, people follow and engage with the brands they choose, so you know you’ll be able to speak directly with a specific audience. People view your content because they want to.


Reason #3: You Don’t Have a Blog

Blogs can be underestimated in businesses but they’re one of the best ways you have to make sure you improve your ranking on search engines like Google. Valuable organic leads can have a boost through quality content on your blog.

The traffic that each blog post brings to your website includes quality leads, who are interested in your services and products. In addition, you can share your blog posts on your social media platforms to boost engagement and increase brand awareness.


Reason #4: Your Visitors Aren’t Familiar with Your Services

Informing your website visitors about what your products and services are isn’t always enough. If your prospects aren’t familiar enough with what you offer, they won’t be ready to buy. Educating them by offering free samples or free trials will provide enough information that can increase your leads and conversions.

Make sure that you have a link or a landing page to free resources that your visitors can easily have access to.


Reason #5: You Don’t Have a Call-to-Action

Whether by placing a button or having a landing page linked to ‘click here’ or ‘contact us’, a call-to-action is an important part of your website. Help your visitors to take further action and make a further commitment to your company by offering free trials, newsletter subscription, or other valuable downloads. Have a striking and clear call-to-action so that it’s easily seen by all visitors.

And remember, marketing campaigns involve constant monitoring on a long-term basis, as results shouldn’t be rushed. Building a high profile based on authority in your industry takes time, but you’ll see the results you’re looking for and generate specialised leads.

Lead generation is vital for the financial sector and one of the main challenges faced by professionals. Our sales lead solutions will provide you with high-quality inbound leads straight to your email or CRM, ensuring you can see in real-time opportunities to secure sales.

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