Financial Marketing

Creating a Strong ‘About Us’ Page to Generate Leads

As one of the first supporting pages you should have on your website, an ‘About Us’ page is expected from all websites regardless of industry. This type of page is a great way of communicating to your audience that “this is who we are” and to engage financial services leads.

Website visitors will check your ‘About Us’ page to know more about you and your business, so it’s vital to highlight your biggest selling points. It’s an ideal page to let prospects and customers know your company’s story and why you chose to start it.


Writing an ‘About Us’ Page in a Few Easy Steps:

These examples of how you can easily create an ‘About Us’ page will help you to build a narrative to engage your audience:

  1. Introduce your industry and your target audience.
  2. Define the main issue that led you to create your business.
  3. Clarify how you chose to find a way to resolve the issue.
  4. Tell your target audience how you apply your solutions.
  5. Say how you will evolve your company’s mission.


Be Honest

Telling a story allows your audience to connect with you at a higher level, however, this story needs to be an honest one. Find a middle ground between detailing your story and sounding like you’re boasting. Illustrate the different benefits of your company and what you offer, using facts and not superlatives.

What benefits can you provide to clients through your products and your expertise? How do you help make lives easier? Make sure to explain in a clear way how you are qualified and skilled to offer your products and services.


Make it Simple and Organised

The easiest way to turn what could be a lengthy block of text into a simpler form is to add bullet points or subheadings. Breaking up the text makes it easier to read and to organise, providing a scannable source that caters to how most people read online.

The white space between each bullet point, for example, also helps to make your ‘About Us’ page look neat and tidy. Also make sure to keep your page updated regularly, as it should be seen as a work in progress with up to date information.


Focus on Your Audience

It may seem difficult to tailor your ‘About Us’ page specifically for your target audience, but it’s easily done by putting yourself in their shoes. What does your target audience want? What do they need? Make sure to also think about potential objections and questions that could arise.

Targeting specific demographics will require specific approaches with copy that relates to your audience and addresses their needs. After covering the important parts, you can highlight other important factors on your website such as landing pages, newsletter subscriptions, or free guide downloads.


Have Your Contact Details

Add your contact details to your ‘About Us’ page; it’s likely that prospects will visit the page not only to know more about you but also to know how to contact you. Your phone number, address, and links to social media platforms are good and detailed information points.

Someone who wants to know more about you and your business is very likely to also visit your social media platforms, which shouldn’t be overlooked. Having social ‘buttons’ on your website helps your audience to find you better and see your engagement with the community.

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