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How Content Marketing Increases Lead Generation

Creating and distributing a consistent strategy of valuable and relevant content, such as blogs, eBooks, and white papers, is part of content marketing. It’s what attracts visitors to your website and what starts the process of generating quality investment leads, for example.

Using content marketing with your B2B strategy in an effective way can boost your lead generation, but how can you differentiate yourself from your competition?


Content Marketing Tips

Instead of simply focusing on selling, content with meaning and relevance helps to build a good database of information that is provided by the customers themselves. Lead generation is important due to improving lead conversions over a period of time, building a relationship with customers, and increasing your sales opportunities.

A few tips that can help you to nurture leads are:

  1. Email marketing campaigns, for example, as customers who fill out forms on your website or subscribe to newsletters expect you to send them relevant information.
  2. A database creation can help you to better manage your leads.
  3. Social media platforms help you to share your content and to engage with a wide audience to form a relationship with your customers.
  4. Reusing content that you’ve already published on your website doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to write another blog: transform your content into infographics, interactive videos, or eBooks.
  5. Involving the sales department helps you to streamline your strategy for prospects in every stage of the sales funnel.

Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

Content is flexible and easily adjusted to your needs. To build interest and awareness, at the top of the sales funnel, target prospects with newsletters subscriptions, eBook downloads, and social media follows. These prospects are likely to not be ready to convert, or maybe they’re unaware of your brand existing, and it’s important to have their details for a follow up.

At the bottom of the sales funnel are the prospects who know what they need and are ready to convert. Explaining why your services are better than your competition’s is vital, which you can do through offering demos, free trials, and more.


Promote Your Content on Social Media

Social advertising is an important step for lead generation, with these ads complementing your marketing strategy. You can generate more leads alongside organic search and ranking highly on Google and other search engines. These additional ways of targeting customers can be through Facebook Ads, which is ideal for more interactive and engaging promotions.

With Google AdWords you can target landing pages according to valuable search terms and keywords. Other social platform such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram can also be ideal to target a wider number of customers.


Write Guest Posts in Industry Leading Websites

A great way to increase both your brand’s awareness and authority while generating leads is to write guest posts. This represents an opportunity to reach a wider audience through websites that are industry leaders. Writing quality content in reputable websites establishes you as an expert in your field.

In addition, guest posts can be a great way of gaining awareness right before an event. People tend to visit specialised events or conferences to be informed; depending on the scale of the event, it can be a distinguishable factor to have quality content published in an industry leader website.


Have Clear Calls-to-Action

Having good content isn’t always enough, as you need to make sure that your website visitors can see your call-to-action. These should appeal and invite to increase conversions and answer the question of what you want your visitors to do. Visitors want and need to know what happens when they click your call-to-action, such as a ‘contact us’ button.

These calls-to-action need to be placed in visible areas of your website, such as in multiple pages to increase conversions and placing calls-to-action in prominent areas. There are a few different types of calls-to-action that you can use, such as:

  • Read more buttons
  • Subscription signups
  • Buttons for social media platforms
  • Add to cart buttons

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