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How to Boost Lead Generation with the Help of Social Advertising

Social media has become more prevalent in the past years, with many companies choosing these platforms to have a closer connection to their customers. Becoming more engaged with customers through social media platforms is almost expected in today’s world, with big brands joining in.

Having access to customers who are frequent social media users can help to boost your traffic. New content, for example, can be promoted through Facebook or Twitter to help it gain traction. Any blog posts shared on social media platforms will be targeted to people interested in what you have to offer. Not only do you drive traffic to your website but also make sure to have the right people.

Add a social touch to your marketing campaign to see a difference in your financial services leads generation.


Gaining Customer Insight

Social media platforms are great ways to gain customer insight; reading about their status updates allows you to see a trend in their behaviour. You’ll know what the main products they buy are, what they typically share, what they like to do, and what websites are frequently visited.

Understanding your customer lets helps you to deliver a better marketing strategy. In addition, the level of engagement that can be attained with customers identifies their main concerns to be addressed. This can lead to improved strategies and products, ultimately increasing sale conversions.


Creating Excitement Over Your Company

Building a relationship with customers can be tricky, as customers use and view social media platforms as just that and not as marketing tools. Authentic engagement relates to answering customer questions and entertaining them with fun information or facts they didn’t know.

Social media allows you to become part of a community, in which customers are a big part of bringing exposure to your company. This provides leads that become followers and, eventually, brand ambassadors who recommend and promote your company.


Specialised and Targeted Ads

Facebook has a wide variety of ad formats that allow for dedicated campaigns easily scaled for B2B. You reach a deeper understanding of your audience and locate potential customers with social reach and awareness. Twitter is a great platform for awareness of new products, helping to drive traffic to your company’s website.

Compared with traditional methods of advertising, social media ads have much lower costs and are much more dependable. They also allow you to engage with customers and scale the costs and the audience to target when you want. Traditional advertising doesn’t reach potential customers as efficiently as social advertising, the latter giving you higher conversions and ROI.

Additionally, you have access to real-time metrics that give an insight into how your ad campaign is performing. If you’re having a bad performance, you can fine tune it to start seeing more positive results. A good campaign can also be a stepping stone to future successful campaigns.

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