Financial Marketing

Why Lead Generation is Important and Attracting Prospects

Whether you have a start-up business or a well-established company, gaining leads is a vital component to keep in mind. Pension leads, for example, are prospects who are keen to act about their financial situation. Trusted financial services leads help to make sure that everything goes smoothly at all stages of the buyer’s journey and in capturing specific leads for your business.


What is Lead Generation?

Capturing potential prospects who have shown an interest in your company is an important part of business. The process of attracting this potential business is what we call lead generation. Simply put, lead generation is a great way to warm up prospects to your company and business. This helps you to direct them onto eventually buying from you.

Why, you may ask, is it so important to warm up prospects to your business? Done in an organic way, it helps to build a relationship between potential customers and your business. It’s a more natural way of creating a rapport, and fundamentally important to every individual’s buying journey.

There are four key stages of lead conversation, the so-called lead generation funnel, being:

  • When your prospects are still strangers to your business and must be attracted to your website.
  • Prospects aware of your website and in a conversion stage.
  • Leads and Customers. Leads are transformed into customers, with easy ways to rate their experience.
  • Customers become promoters for your business due to their satisfaction, which aids in building brand awareness.


Raising Brand Awareness

In the lead conversation process, the first necessary step to have visitors in your website or to increase them is through drive traffic. And how can you drive traffic? Through raising interest in your business in a soft way. It’s important not to get ahead of yourself at this stage, there will be a time for deeper strategies later.

Lead magnets could be content marketing such as guest posting and blog posting, social media posts to raise awareness on platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and investing in improving your keywords and SEO efforts.


Converting Awareness into Leads and Customers

Make sure that you engage your prospects to convert them into leads and customers. This could be creating a newsletter database and periodically sending out newsletters, offering specialised webinars, or providing a landing page to inform your prospects of your products.

Calls-to-action, whether in newsletters as mentioned above or in blog posts, drive people to act. This incentive for people to move to the purchasing stage can also be very effective with event marketing. Personalising these calls-to-action with basis on buying behaviour helps customers feel valued. And an offer of a discount is always welcomed.

What about a referral bonus in newsletters? You don’t need to start distributing free merchandise or services if you can’t afford to, and motivating people to share your content can be as easy as having a link for new subscribers.


Customer Promotion and Lead Nurture

A great way of tracking offline conversations is through surveys, which are easily completed through your website with social media promotion. Using both brand recognition and brand recall will give you an idea of familiarity with your brand.

Questions like ‘have you heard of our company?’ and ‘when you think of a specific product, what brands immediately come to mind?’ are good measuring queries for offline tracking. Online tracking of leads is easier, with website traffic data accessible through Google Analytics. You can also track any social media mentions through social insights.

Additionally, a deeper engagement with your leads guarantees a deeper relationship, which shows them how much you care about their needs. Knowing what you can do to improve your services and products, informing and educating, and successfully solving leads’ problems helps you to nurture and maintain customers.

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