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Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Your Marketing Strategy

You can enhance the customer journey through the sales funnel with artificial intelligence, as it allows you to have an efficient cognitive system that provides accurate data. Optimise and personalise all elements of your marketing strategy, including lead generation, to help your prospects identify with your brand.

Lead management software is only an example of how modern technology is boosting business leads and profit.


A One-on-One Relationship with Customers

Chatbots on company website, for example, raise awareness and messaging apps bring in traffic to your website. On your website, chatbots usually allow your visitors to familiarise themselves with the content before popping up to ask them if they need help. You can easily customise them to make sure they only pop up on specific pages.

Relationships are created with chatbots initiating a conversation, helping website visitors to engage with your brand. This is an important step to make sure that prospects move through the sales funnel. A high number of visitors is reached simultaneously at no extra cost for development and deployment, regardless of whether that’s five or 500 people. It’s time-consuming to try to reach every customer individually – and often impossible – but using automated chatbots is a great solution to connect with every lead.


Increased Satisfaction and Convenience

Visitors will start being interested in your services or products during this phase and will research information on them. These preliminary, common questions are easily answered by artificial intelligence systems, who connect visitors with representatives if they don’t know how to provide an answer.

Ensure your business is accessible 24/7 to address the demand visitors have for information, without the need for your business to spend additional resources. Queries can be forwarded to representatives the following day if the chatbot doesn’t know the answer.

In this modern ‘always-on’ world, having a chatbot that provides quick responses, even if automated, can be a valuable asset during busy business hours. Increase customer satisfaction and convenience, as a chatbot doesn’t necessarily require visitors to open dedicated apps.


Turning Leads into Sales

Artificial intelligence makes the most out of predictive factors and automation to generate repeat leads and find expert new prospects. With these systems being able to process information at higher speeds, artificial intelligence has a better insight into customer personas by filtering unqualified leads.

This convenience with customer communication is a less intrusive way for prospects to have contact with your company. Chatbots are great tools helping to answer questions and to send content to customer much faster than a human representative would be able to.

Chatbots as marketing and sales team ‘employees’ collect data to optimise content, and your sales and marketing teams collect data from these systems to integrate with their marketing campaign. This aids customers’ decision-making processes


Leads Take Action

The desired action is often for customers to make a purchase and acquire goods or services from your business. Smaller purchases can be handled by artificial intelligence services, while bigger purchases are often handled by sales teams. Collected data is crucial at this stage, so that your business can apply your marketing strategy for each customer.

Artificial intelligence systems can send customers email suggestions of other goods and services they might be interested in, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Companies in any industry and of any size can benefit from modern technologies for lead generation through an optimised customer satisfaction process.

Freeing up time with smaller tasks allows your employees and your business to focus on further expansion and bigger projects. Lead management software provides you with this peace of mind by delivering you specialised leads directly into your CRM.

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