Equity Release Leads

With the equity release market enjoying quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year record breaking success, now is the perfect time to secure high-quality, proactive leads to build your conversion rate.

We have vast amounts of experience in the industry and have been generating equity release leads for years. Whether you need enquiries for lifetime mortgages, income drawdown, or home reversion, we can reach over 55s proactively searching the market and provide you with the perfect opportunity to make peoples’ retirement dreams a reality.


The Retirement Revelation

Equity release has been a revelation in recent years, offering pensioners the chance to unlock a cash lump sum trapped in their homes. Following the recession, many families had been left in difficult financial situations but they can now turn to their homes to secure the capital value within, all whilst being able to continue living in the property.

This unlocked money can be used to clear mortgages, fund university fees, provide an early inheritance, or pay for home improvements. As such, it’s offered a lifeline to thousands of pensioners and helped to transform their lives towards a happy and peaceful retirement.


Equity Release Industry Growth

Based on this increasing interest from over 55s, it’s no surprise the industry has grown year on year. The Equity Release Council has provided telling figures which clearly display a thriving industry – in 2016 alone, total lending exceeded the £2 billion mark.

With demand higher than ever before for equity release, the industry is positioning itself as the answer to many retirees’ financial problems. Along with being able to clear outstanding mortgages and ensuring pensions have a lucrative and relaxing retirement, it is also being used as a means to clear the 1980s legacy of the interest-only time-bomb.

If you’re an IFA looking to help people find financial stability, how do you make sure you generate a stream of high-quality, relevant clients?

We know from experience that you need to overcome common problems such as:


  • An increasingly competitive market

    where thousands of IFAs are fighting to claim the attention of over 55s

  • Enquiries who turn out to be lacking the right qualifications

    uch as being too young or the worth of their property being too low to warrant equity release

  • Capturing the attention of relevant leads in a noisy online market

    which strategies will work, and which ones are doomed to failure and wasted budget?

  • Lead generation services

    which sell leads to more than one client

Our platform has been designed to provide the solution in one convenient end-to-end service. We target proactive over 55s and nurture them through our specially formulated sales funnel, ensuring you only ever receive pre-qualified and graded leads in real-time.

It’s the ultimate in convenience and reliability. You’ll receive leads straight to your email or CRM, providing you with the ideal opportunity to secure a sale.

This targeted approach is what makes all the difference in a highly competitive industry. The pressure is taken off you – all you need to do is wait for your meticulously nurtured leads to arrive and then take the next step.

The result is a perfect opportunity to grow your sales naturally and to help over 55s secure peace of mind in an era of financial uncertainty.

What we provide
  • Targeted, Qualified Leads

    We forward you high-quality prospects graded by a dedicated account manager

  • 100% Exclusive Leads

    We never sell your leads to another company

  • Online Lead Management

    You’re provided with access to a personal lead management and reporting system

  • Real-Time Lead Delivery

    Your leads arrive instantly in real-time, by email or directly into your CRM, supplying you with the perfect opportunity to generate a sale

How We’ll Grow Your Conversion Rate

To reach high-quality equity release leads, we use a few of the following industry leading techniques.

  • Search Marketing
    Highly relevant and timely prospects are targeted via search queries on leading search engines
  • Social Advertising
    Bespoke social media campaigns will reach your audience and create relevant enquiries
  • Content Marketing
    We’ve optimised outreach strategies, infographics, blog posts, and videos to engage new prospects
  • Website Placements
    We target audiences of highly relevant internet properties we have proven to generate quality inbound leads
It’s our job to ensure you contact only pre-screened, qualified financial advisor leads with a high probability of converting.
Let us help you.