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Importance of Email Address Validation for Email Marketing Campaigns

With the prevalent use of emails worldwide, businesses benefit from taking advantage of this direct form of communication. Your audience email lists are essential for engagement and pension leads or financial services leads creation.

Proper email address hygiene allows for long-term success of audience engagement and marketing campaigns. Compiling your list is just as important as making sure that invalid or outdated emails are removed. With email marketing providing several benefits, it’s vital to constantly monitor your email address validation.


Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Cost Effective. Reach thousands of customers with minimal spending, as you don’t need to consider any postage or printing costs associated with traditional marketing.
  • Quick and Efficient. After you write your content and choose a template or design your own, a simple click of a button can send out your newsletter to thousands of customers.
  • Easily Measured. With email marketing, you get performance reviews of each campaign. This allows you to accurately measure its success through enhanced metrics.
  • Personal Choice. Email marketing helps you to segment your audience and tailor your message to each list to ensure you provide value to every customer.
  • Mobile-friendly. The widespread use of mobile phones and the increased accessibility of purchasing mobile data ensure that people are able to check their emails at all times, anywhere.


Decrease and Avoid Hard Bounces

Soft or hard bounces are inevitable in email marketing, but a reduced value will guarantee you reach more people in your audience. A bounce is when a subscriber’s email server rejects an email, with a soft bounce relating to a temporary delivery issue (the email is too large, the inbox is full, or the subscriber’s email server is offline) and a hard bounce relating to permanent delivery issues (nonexistent domain name, inexistent email address, or blocked delivery).


Maintaining Your Sender Reputation

Regular hard bounces can seriously affect your sender reputation and decrease campaign success. Additionally, older or unused email addresses may not be active anymore, but they are still monitored. These addresses can report your email as spam (also called spam traps) and hurt both your sender reputation and impacting your metrics negatively.


Better Campaign Performance

When you invest time and money into campaigns, a successful email marketing campaign rounds up your efforts. It can increase awareness in your audience of a sale or discount you are running and allowing for a higher chance of bigger sales.

Inactive email addresses, for example, can be affecting your email marketing campaign’s performance and providing inaccurate metrics of clicks, conversions, and open rates.


A Clean Email Address List is More Efficient

Data entry errors are removed through email validation, as human error is an expected result of manual data entry. Quick email typing can lead to just one single typo, but it is enough to affect your bounce rate and reduce your chance of reaching a customer.

Ensuring that your email address lists are cleaned regularly will remove the change of potential revenue opportunities being limited.

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