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What Can Conversational Commerce Do for Lead Generation?

You can provide conversational commerce to your customers – a new way of shopping that translates to customers buying your products or services through a conversation with your chatbot. A chatbot is a conversational interface that uses chat format and interaction to engage with customers.

Through natural language and speech, chatbots provide your customers with an extremely engaging marketing channel at the top of the funnel and simplify your customer service. Integrating artificial intelligence systems with your marketing strategy will ensure that you have the latest technology available to generate pension leads, amongst others.

Whether you choose a custom solution built into your website or use work chatbots, they are usually programmed to mimic your brand’s tone of voice. Consider your platform and its capabilities so you can maximise your lead generation:

  • Collect new lead information through forms
  • Do quick surveys
  • Send content through chats
  • Getting webinar signups
  • Chatbots answer common customer questions
  • They provide directions
  • Can direct customers to agents
  • Expert scheduling service


What is Conversational Commerce?

As an automated technology, conversational commerce relates to how your customers can interact with your brand through voice and chat interfaces managed by artificial intelligence. Any platform that supports either voice bots or chat. This can be Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook Messenger, or your website.

This two-way communication system let’s you reach many more customers at the same time, allowing you to generate more leads and increase conversions. Conversational commerce applies to your business in a few different ways:

  • Manual and One-to-Many. Custom messages can be sent to target customers living in a specific area.
  • Manual and One-to-One. ‘Thank you’ messages or coupons can be sent to customers leaving positive reviews, for example.
  • Reactive and Automated. Chatbots instantly recognise the issue when a customer messages and can automatically send them expert and correct information.
  • Proactive and Automated. After a customer makes their first purchase from your business, they receive an automated message to thank them for the purchase.


Chatbots to Improve Customer Experience

These artificial intelligence systems can both store and learn more information. Your customers have access to information much quicker and in a much simpler way. This makes your website easy to use with a command-line interface that is simplified.

And for customers who might not like to speak on the phone, chatbots provide a new way of contacting customer service. They are much less invasive and can have quicker sales results than human representatives.

Additionally, you can use chatbots for your business to help provide a more secure customer experience. When speaking to sales team members, customers tend to prefer a quick and efficient exchange. Chatbots ensure that customers can ask questions when it’s more convenient for them and for as long as they wish.

This allows them to avoid potential exchanges that may make them feel obligated to purchase when they only wanted more information. It also provides a log of the conversation that can be referred back to whenever necessary. More informed sales lead to higher conversions.


Natural Conversations and Chatbot Technology

While there is still some excitement surrounding chatbots and what they can do for businesses, one thing is sure: they are now in a maturing and evolving phase. This technology is advanced enough to understand and utilise the same speech customers do, learning and adapting every day.

Customers can endlessly ask questions in a seamless way; pages that used to crash, broken links, and click-throughs are being replaced by only automated conversational systems. Context and enquiry subtleties aren’t an issue for conversational commerce. Artificial intelligence technology is adapting through how customers interact with their systems, how they make enquiries, and data on purchasing decisions.

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